Nanoparticle interactions with blood proteins and what it means: a tutorial review
Erik Reimhult
2019, 3(2): 73-87. DOI: 10.46701/APJBG.2019022019129
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Genomic instability in Multiple Myeloma-relevance for Clinical Outcome and Efficacy of Therapy
Fumou Sun, Yan Cheng, Siegfried Janz
2019, 3(2): 89-99. DOI: 10.46701/APJBG.2019022019126
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Advances in ABO gene expression regulation
Xiaoya Yang, Gengyin Wang
2019, 3(2): 101-107. DOI: 10.46701/APJBG.2019022019125
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Iron stores in Chinese eligible male plateletpheresis donors
Lei Shao, Jinhua Wang, Shaowen Zhu, Hong Lin
2019, 3(2): 109-114. DOI: 10.46701/APJBG.2019022019115
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An establishment of the procedures to eliminate incorrect blood due to non-matched or mislabeled tubes
He Ziyi, Wang Qing, Chen Shaobin, Yu Lin, Chen Qingkai
2019, 3(2): 115-119. DOI: 10.46701/APJBG.2019022019113
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An analysis of intraoperative blood transfusion of cardiac surgery in one hospital from 2014 to 2016
Sihua Yi, Cuicui Chai, , Jing Lin, Hongliang Zhang, Qiangjun Luo, Han Wang, Jiangbo Chen, Dan Li
2019, 3(2): 121-124. DOI: 10.46701/APJBG.2019022019122
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Association between polymorphism of the cyclin E1 gene and susceptibility to hepatocellular carcinoma in Chinese Han population of Hubei
Qing Liu, Jiayan Ling, Qilong Song, Xiaodong Li, Chizhi Zhang, Mingzhong Xiao, Jie Huang, Shuxia Han, Ling Liu, Xiaoming Peng, Jie Tan, Yu Wang, Li Ouyang, Youyun Zhao, Jianhua Wu
2019, 3(2): 125-131. DOI: 10.46701/APJBG.2019022019118
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HLA class II alleles with susceptibility of leprosy in the Mexican Mestizo population
Sergio Mercado Ceja, Lucia Rangel Gamboa, María Elisa Vega Memije, Angélica Olivo Díaz, Julio Granados
2019, 3(2): 133-137. DOI: 10.46701/APJBG.2019022019117
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The role of free immunoglobulin light chains in serum from SLE patients with or without renal involvement
Julio Granados, Antonio Villa-Romero, Marcos Meneses Mayo, Miriam Santiago Ortíz, María Fernanda García Gutiérrez, Víctor Hugo Tovar Méndez, Daniela Ruiz Gómez, Susana Maricela Hernández Doo, Citlaly López Orozco, Adriana Aguirre Telio
2019, 3(2): 139-144. DOI: 10.46701/APJBG.2019022019121
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Eg5 high expression predicts dismal prognosis in epithelial ovarian cancer
Pingping Sun, Xuemin Cao, Yuanlin Liu, Lizhou Jia
2019, 3(2): 145-151. DOI: 10.46701/APJBG.2019022019128
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Myelodysplastic syndrome with ring sideroblasts, SF3B1 mutation and beta thalassemia trait: a case of report
Amin Hojat, Grace Kao, Monika Pilichowska
2019, 3(2): 153-155. DOI: 10.46701/APJBG.2019022019120
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